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4 Russian experiments

Experiments that demonstrate the full force of our super magnets
Author: Aleksei Kokorev, Tver, Russian Federation
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After his experiment with the floating compass, Aleksei from Russia sends us four more of his experiments that demonstrate the full force of our super magnets:

Small, but powerful: The disc magnet S-20-10-N can pull up a medium dumbbell or even a weight of 8 kg! The scale proves it: No trick!
Here, Aleksei demonstrates that our magnets keep the promise that we make: A cube magnet W-12-N can easily hold a dumbbell of almost 5 kg.
Note from the supermagnete team: It is risky to hang up heavy objects with magnets. Please consider our warnings under "heavy objects."
This experiment shows clearly how a super magnet influences a compass much more than a normal ferromagnet. Even at a very high distance to the magnet, the needle starts moving.
But not only that: Super magnets can even change the polarity of a ferromagnet. You can see that when you watch where the compass needle points to before and after the ferromagnet had contact with the super magnet.

Finally, this experiment shows that a SuperMagnet can massively demagnetise a normal ferromagnet, so it comes off a magnetic board - almost by itself.
In a next step, the SuperMagnet can give the normal magnet power again, so it sticks to the magnetic board again.