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Background for mini photo studio

Super magnets smooth out the photo background without dents
Author: Paolo, Rom, Italy
Online since: 15/02/2010, Number of visits: 134829
Your team was kind enough to add free small cube magnets to my order. For the longest time, I didn't know what to do with them. Then I thought of a useful application: I use them to attach a thin studio background on the boards of my mini photo studio.
The usual clips not only damage the fragile studio background, they also bother me during photo shoots because of their size. Furthermore, I was not able to smooth out the background. It often remained wavy.
So I used some of your 35 mm wide metal tape, glueing 9 small pieces onto my polypropylene boards.
Note from the supermagnete team:
In addition to the metal tape used here, we also carry other metal tapes in various sizes in our online shop. Instead of metal tape, you could also use self-adhesive metal discs.
Then I placed the studio background on the boards, smoothed it out and attached it to the metal tape pieces with one cube magnet 5x5 mm each. Although these magnets are so small, they fasten the background very well so it doesn't shift and they don't bother me visually during photo shoots. Most importantly, they do not damage the background foil.
Other magnets (linked below) could be used as well.
A smooth background puts the photographed objects into the center of attention
A smooth background puts the photographed objects into the center of attention

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