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Cable fastener

Prevents wearing out of long cables
Author: Felix Brinckmann
Online since: 15/08/2011, Number of visits: 279515
A little but simple application that eases cable clean-up in the bathroom. Without the magnetic fixture the shaver cable constantly falls to the floor, which makes the cable wear out. Plus, you have two contacts with 230V potential difference on the floor in a wet surrounding...
I glued a S-03-01-N magnet on the end of the cable and a S-05-02-N52N on the plug.
Now after charging, you can simply let the end of the cable snap on the plug (see picture).
Note from the supermagnete team:
  • Mr. Brinckmann used very small magnets and glued them on the cable coating. Please use small magnets for similar applications and never manipulate the cable!
  • A similar application is shown in project Untangle cables.

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