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Cable organisers with magnets and Sugru

Tame the cable clutter on your desk
Author: supermagnete, Uster
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Put an end to cable clutter on your desk or in your on-the-go handbag with cable organisers. Cable organisers keep your loose cables together so you can keep track. When combined with magnets, these everyday accessories can be of even more help. With cable organisers made of Sugru and magnets, you can store your cables always within reach on the ferromagnetic surfaces of shelves. We will show you five creative options for crafting your own cable organisers with Sugru and magnets.
Table of Contents

Sugru cable organiser for the handbag

Sugru adhesive putty stays somewhat flexible even after it has hardened, especially if you roll it into a thin sausage shape.
  • Depending on the desired length of your cable organiser, remove one or half of a Sugru portion from its packaging.
  • Roll the adhesive putty into a sausage shape.
  • Wrap the putty around a pencil or marker. The bigger the diameter, the more cables will fit into the organiser.
  • Slightly press both ends onto the pen so the Sugru stays in place.
  • Let your organiser dry overnight. Afterwards, the Sugru cable organiser can be easily wrapped around the cables.

Cable organisers made of Sugru are perfect when you are out and about. They function without magnets, so you don’t have to worry about your credit cards or memory cards in your handbag.

Cable organiser with hair tie and Sugru hook

Flexible cable ties are easy to make yourself. All you need is a hair tie and some Sugru adhesive putty. Here is how to make an elastic cable organiser:
  1. Remove a third of the Sugru adhesive from its packaging.
  2. Shape the Sugru into a roll about 3 – 4 cm long and flatten it slightly. The shape must not be too thin so that the hook doesn’t break later.
  3. Wrap the Sugru around the hair tie and shape the protruding Sugru into a hook.
  4. Leave the elastic cable organiser to dry for 12 hours.

Our tip: This flexible cable tie is not only suitable for tying cables together. You can also use it, for example, to attach the charging cable to your portable charger or, depending on size, temporarily close plastic or paper bags.

Sugru cable organiser with magnets

Magnets can be easily incorporated into the Sugru adhesive putty. Roll the Sugru into a long sausage shape. Then wrap each end around a cube magnet type W-05-N or a smaller sphere magnet. Make sure the magnet is fully enclosed but without the Sugru layer being too thick.

After the Sugru cable organiser with magnet has dried overnight, you can use it to conveniently wrap charging cables. The advantage of the magnets: Lightweight cables can also be attached to ferrous shelves. Now charging cables or small headphones with attached cables are always within reach. Especially useful in the office!

Cable organiser made of fabric, felt, foam rubber or leather

If you are crafting your own cable organisers for on-the-go, many designs are possible. For example, using materials such as fabric, felt, rubber foam or thin leather, you can cut out hearts or flowers, fashion cute cats or just keep it simple.
  1. Take the material of your choice and cut out the desired shape. Important: Keep in mind that you may have to fold the material first, e.g. for the hearts, so that it retains its shape even when closed.
  2. Glue a self-adhesive disc magnet type S-20-01-STIC onto each end. They can be easily opened by sliding them sideways and won’t tear off. You can also reinforce them with magnet glue.
  3. Let your cable organiser dry for 12 hours.

Cable organiser with ring magnets

Here we are showing you a complete budget version. All you need for this cable tie are ring magnets type R-10-07-03-DN and a string or thin cord. Tie the two ring magnets to the cord. Done!
The advantage of this version is that you can cut the cable organiser to the desired length and customise it to match your personal style. For example, hide the knots under a little bit of Sugru or thread fuse beads onto the string, and you'll have quite an eye-catcher.

Learn how you can easily craft magnetic cable holders with Sugru in our project Desk Cable Holder.

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