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Cable routing

How to easily route cables in hard-to-reach spots
Author: C.H., Lichtenstein/Sachsen, Germany
Online since: 27/05/2010, Number of visits: 381713
Who doesn't know the situation where you buy a hi-fi system, a floor lamp or another device that needs electricity. Since you don't want to have all these cables lying around, you have to somehow run them behind a cupboard. The same goes for speaker or network cables. Not too long ago, I was faced with just such a problem. To make matters worse, the outlet was directly behind the cupboard. I had to think of something because there was only 6 cm space between the cupboard and the ceiling, so I couldn't even reach the wall with my arm.
I used a piece of wire (you can also just use some string) and attached a 12 mm cube magnet with duct tape to one end.
My idea was to be able to pull the wire along the cupboard into the desired position. That's why I also got a skin pincher. I placed the wire with the cube magnet on top of the cupboard and navigated the skin pincher inside the cupboard along the wall. The cube magnet with the wire is dragged along the cupboard.
It took me 2 - 3 tries to drag the cube magnet around the corner, but all in all it worked very well.
When the wire came through the desired hole, I removed the magnet, plugged in the power cord and attached the other end to the wire. Then I only had to pull back the wire and the cable was neatly positioned.
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