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Creating storage space in the pantry

Who says you can fill up shelves only from the bottom up?
Author: A.H., Neuötting, Germany
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Storage for ample supplies

Who doesn't recognize this scenario? Before Christmas or when expecting more visitors than usual, you go on an all-out grocery shopping spree. Then you come home with all your supplies and wonder how to make room for it all in your kitchen or pantry. A task made even more difficult when you only have a small kitchen and no pantry at all. Below are two tricks to increase your storage area with the help of magnets.
An easy solution for pantries with metal shelving are disc magnets from supermagnete.pt: I simply used magnets to hang tin cans and bottles underneath the shelf. This way, you can use each shelf twice - on the top as well as the underside. It looks good, is easy to do and very practical!

Equip cans & bottles with magnets

I simply let one disc magnet 20x3 mm snap onto each tin or glass jar and then hung them underneath the metal shelf. It is recommended to use at least 3 mm thick magnets because the tins have a raised edge.
If you don't have a metal shelf, you can also mount the magnets to the undersides of the shelves using glue or Sugru. Even though this option is not quite as versatile, it is still a great solution for creating more storage space in your kitchen pantry.

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