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Dexterity Game

For this game you need a steady hand and a lot of patience
Author: Benjamin M., Notzingen, Germany, [email protected]
Online since: 12/12/2007, Number of visits: 291594
The slanted wooden cylinder has a diameter of approximately 3 cm and is 7 cm long. Whether the cylinder is slanted or not doesn't matter; you could just as easily play the game with the cylinder standing straight up. I simply find it more challenging when the cylinder is slanted. The wooden cylinder has been glued with epoxy resin to a piece of wood approximately 10 x 10 cm large. Normal wood glue would probably also do the trick.
In my case, the base is made of 4mm plywood and the cylinder is probably a piece of a broomstick. :-)
Before glueing, drill a hole into the cylinder (with the same diameter as the magnetic sphere, perhaps even a little smaller).
With a countersinking drill you can adjust the size of the hole. The depth of the hole is not important.
The magnetic sphere was glued on with a strong adhesive, but it would suffice to simply push the magnet into the hole as deep as possible.
The number of steel spheres you use is not important - I've never managed to attach more than 30 in any case.
Oh yes, the rules of the game: aaaahhhhh... The goal is to bring as many steel spheres as possible onto the magnetic sphere. Of course, one could set a limit of 25 steel spheres (difficult!), or perhaps take turns adding a steel sphere and whoever sets one that doesn't "stick" has lost.
You can be creative here!