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Family pinboard

A large multi-functional family information board for the kitchen
Author: Anonymous
Online since: 21/03/2011, Number of visits: 409680
Our family needed a noticeboard in the kitchen that met the following requirements:
  • Space for a small photo gallery
  • Possibility to mount heavy objects
  • Time and temperature display
  • Space to hang all our keys
  • Writing surface for daily notes
  • Space to hang paper and photos
One weekend we created this "ideal" board ourselves. It offers ample space for keys, notes and cards. Thanks to the combination of magnetic paint and chalkboard paint, the top portion can be used as magnetic board and wipeable writing surface.
The base board is made of substantial beechwood and measures 550 x 1000 x 15 mm.

Space for photo gallery

A small shelf on the bottom of the baseboard creates space for a small photo gallery. I used a milling cutter to make a 8 mm furrow in the beechwood. I found beechwood ledges that fit right in there.

Mounting heavy objects

I integrated a magnetic key rack FO-2 for heavy objects and thicker paper. I mounted it with the included plastic fittings.

Time and temperature display

I milled an indentation into the board and embedded a radio clock. The next board would feature a digital picture frame, which would also serve as weather station and clock. With a wireless access you could even send current news and pictures there :-)

Hanging up keys

At the bottom of the board you can see a row of metal nails to hang up keys. Above are 8 mm deep drill holes at a 45 degree angle. In the future, we'll use aluminium nails with round heads here, so we won't lose any keys anymore.

Writing surface for notes

In order to be able to create notes that can be wiped off, I combined magnetic paint and blackboard paint. I used masking tape to cover the rest of the board and painted three coats of magnetic paint (tin M was perfect for the size of the board) – 1 horizontal, 1 vertical and 1 diagonal layer. You will definitely need three coats, otherwise, it won't have enough iron content. After it dried, I applied a coat of chalkboard paint (tin S was enough here) over the magnetic paint.
And there you have it: A board that you can write on with chalk markers (real chalk creates so much dust).
Note from the supermagnete team:
If you don’t feel like painting with magnetic paint or chalkboard paint, you can use self-adhesive ferromagnetic blackboard film instead. It comes in different colours and sizes.

Magnets for notes and photos

You can also hang up notes with a magnet. I used disc magnets 10 x 5 mm. They are very strong and hold notes very well. Office magnets are less suitable - they are a little weak.
In the end, I painted wood stain on the bottom portion of the board. I used one that is also suitable for toys.
I anchored the whole board to the wall with four screws - the board is rather heavy. I recommend using mirror screws with flat removable caps. They give the whole thing a clean look.
Note from the supermagnete team:
The magnetic letter clamps and magnetic clips from our assortment are also suitable for hanging notes, photos or postcards on the board. You can find a wide selection in the section Magnetic Hooks & Magnetic Clips or on the brand pages for MAUL and Trendform.

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