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Fix a privacy screen without drilling

The practical mounting option on the balcony
Author: supermagnete, Uster, Switzerland
Online since: 10/05/2019, Number of visits: 253778
Table of Contents

Attaching a privacy screen to the balcony railing

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and you just want to spend your time on your balcony. If it wasn’t for those nosy neighbours. A solution is provided by privacy screens, which are available in various designs. Be it bamboo mats, reed mats, willow mats or plastic mats - all of them can be attached to a metal balcony railing with magnets.
Magnetic cable holders CMN-22 have proven to be a good mounting option for privacy screens on balcony railings. The rubber coating offers protection against scratches and increases the adhesive force of the magnet in shear direction.
All you need in addition to the rubberised magnets are cable ties (for example Plastic cable ties 200 x 5,00 mm or Plastic cable ties 400 x 5,00 mm) and scissors. Depending on the required support, first attach one or two magnets to one end of the privacy screen. To do this, insert a cable tie through the two openings of the magnet and then insert it into a small part of the screen mat. Then close the cable tie and cut off the excess cable. Now you can simply attach the magnet to the balcony railing and the privacy screen holds partially. Repeat this process until the entire screen is attached to the railing.
In no time the privacy screen attaches reliably to the balcony railing, all without drilling any holes. The screen not only protects your privacy but also serves as a windbreak for the balcony. The mounting solution with magnets offers the great advantage of being able to quickly remove that the privacy screen. For example, you can now store it in the basement throughout the winter, which will keep it looking good for longer.
Please note: The magnet and the screw of the CMN-22 are galvanised, and both can start to rust. The rubber coating is weather and UV-resistant and protects the magnet fairly well, but you may have to replace the magnet after prolonged outdoor use.

Mosquito net curtain as a balcony privacy screen

Addition from Eva Fürhaker, Stockerau, Austria, 2021:
This year I vacationed at home. And so, for my holiday in 'Balconia', I decided to turn my balcony into a wellness oasis. The only downside to my plan were the curious glances of the neighbours, which are unfortunately difficult to avoid in a residential area. So I wouldn’t feel like I was being watched all the time, I needed a screen for the balcony, one that lets light through, doesn’t trap the heat and still looks pretty. I came up with the idea to attach a decorative curtain as a privacy screen.
Attaching the cord
My balcony is not free-standing but closed on the sides. The balcony cladding is made of frosted glass, and the railing has a metal frame that surrounds the open part of the balcony. This frame is an optimal surface for magnets and is perfect for attaching the privacy screen curtain. I utilised this frame to hang the curtain with the help of a rope. To ensure the rope would be weatherproof, I used a clothesline. At each end, I made a loop and closed it with a rope clamp.

To mount everything to the balcony railing, I attached a disc magnet CS-S-42-04-N with a diameter of 42 mm on the left and right side of the frame. In order to be able to attach the rope to it, I put a countersunk thread screw through the hole in the middle and fastened it with a nut and washer. This would serve as the hook for the rope.

My tip: To prevent the disc magnet from sliding down, I also put self-adhesive rubber tape on the back of it. That has the additional advantage that the screws don’t get lost when the magnet is removed.

Note from the supermagnete team: The disc magnets are not weather-resistant and, over time, will start to rust. To protect the neodymium magnets from the weather, we recommend treating them with anti-rust paint or clear lacquer.
Mosquito net curtain as a privacy screen
I decided to use a mosquito curtain as a privacy screen on my balcony. It is lightweight, lets air and light through and also keeps the occasional mosquito from biting me during the summer.
I sewed a channel on the top of the curtain and pulled the clothesline through. However, because the curtain was so lightweight, it kept blowing around when there was a draught or wind, and I had to find a way to secure it. The solution: A decorative cord with magnets that I can attach to the balcony railing and then tuck the privacy curtain in between.
Decorative tie-back to hold the curtain
For the tie-back, I combined various decorative beads made of glass and stone with golden ring magnets type R-06-02-02-G and strung them onto macrame twine. The macrame twine is thin yet strong. But of course, any other type of string can also be used.
When I don’t need the screen, I tie it back with this homemade cord. The integrated magnets hold the fabric both together and attached to the railing.

My tip: Make sure that you thread the ring magnets onto the twine at the correct distances. To be able to utilise the magnetic force, they must touch after the curtain has been wrapped.
The result: This magnetic solution makes it much easier for me to mount and remove the privacy screen. With this simple DIY screen, I have beautified my balcony and now have more privacy. My balcony became a favourite spot to relax during my holiday.

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