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Flyscreen for the camper

Very practical - attached and removed in no time
Author: Christian Vierthaler, Zürich
Online since: 21/12/2009, Number of visits: 199238
I built a very practical flyscreen for the skylight of my VW camper with your magnets.
Since the flyscreen has to be taken off when I open or close the skylight I had to think about attachment possibilities. The frame of the skylight is attached to the vehicle roof with many screws, which gave me the idea to use super magnets. Requirement: The window frame needs to be made of iron or attached with iron screws.

Materials used

  • 1 large sheet of paper (for tracing)
  • carbon paper
  • 24 disc magnets S-10-02-N (in my case, my window frame has 24 iron screws that magnets adhere to)
  • polystyrene sheet, 2 mm thick, in the size of the window
  • adhesive tape
  • fly screen mesh set with hook-and-loop tape from the home improvement store
The finished FOREX frame
The finished FOREX frame


1. Prepare the pattern for the FOREX frame. Fasten a large sheet of paper on the frame of the skylight with magnets. Now you can easily mark the outline of the skylight and the positioning of the screws on the paper.
2. Transfer the contours of the skylight and the positions of the screws onto the FOREX board. Fasten the paper on the board with adhesive tape strips to keep it in place. You can use the carbon paper for that or just make marks with a pointy object through the paper onto the FOREX board and then connect them on the board with a pencil.
3. Cut the frame from the board with a box cutter and drill holes with 10 mm diameter for the magnets.
4. Put adhesive tape on one side of the FOREX frame to close the holes on one side. Insert magnets and apply adhesive tape on the other side of the frame.
The magnets are now flush embedded in the FOREX frame and can no longer fall out.
5.The fly screen mesh set usually comes with self-adhesive hook and loop tape that you can apply to the FOREX frame. Then press the fly screen mesh on and cut to size.
Flyscreen for the camper
The flyscreen can be attached to the inside of the window after you opened it.
Window without flyscreen
Window without flyscreen
The finished flyscreen can be easily attached to the frame of the skylight since it positions itself through the magnets. I can be taken down just as quickly, or instance when you want to close the window. Works great :-)
Note from the supermagnete team: Similar projects are summarised in the application Fly screen with magnets .

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