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Frame for a wooden puzzle

Do a puzzle - frame it - turn it - and do a puzzle again
Author: Stéphane Tourraine, Montrouge, France, [email protected]
Online since: 05/02/2008, Number of visits: 363030
Here's another prank from Stéphane in France, who likes both puzzles and our magnets:
Is that a face...
Is that a face...
This is a special wooden puzzle. Once completed, the picture can be turned 180°. In one position, you see a face; in the other, a fruit basket.
... or a fruit basket?
... or a fruit basket?
I wanted to frame the puzzle nicely, but at the same time, the frame should be easily removable so that the puzzle could be done over and over again. In addition, I wanted to be able to turn the puzzle easily without removing it from its place.
The frame is made of a piece of glass and a piece of wood somewhat larger than the actual puzzle. After sanding the edges of the glass and the wood, I painted the wood with a heat-resistant paint (to avoid any problems later during oven-drying).
On the edges of the glass and the wood, I glued 8 magnets with UHU MAX REPAIR and placed the pieces in an oven heated to 80° C for 40 minutes to dry. The height of the two magnets S-05-02-N52N corresponds to the thickness of the puzzle to ensure a good hold.
When the frame was finished, it remained only to hang the picture. Fortunately I have metal door frames in my flat so I could use two S-20-10-N-Magnets (very strong!). One was glued to the back fo the frame, the other could be placed without glue on the metal door frame. So that it wouldn't slide to the floor, I placed a bit of double-sided tape at the right height. This would allow me to move the puzzle to another place without any trouble, if only these magnets weren't so strong and therefore difficult to remove from the door frame! ;-) With a small bit of cardboard glued on the top of one magnets, you can protect the frame from crashing too hard into the door magnet.
In this way, the puzzle can be turned around, removed, taken apart, put together again and rehung with with no problem!

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