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Gift card

The card with that certain something
Author: A. Wildhaber, Walenstadt
Online since: 27/08/2010, Number of visits: 66853

Materials needed for one card:

  • 1 cm long piece of metal tape, such as metal tape M-FERROTAPE
  • 1 disc magnet type S-06-01-N (depending on the thickness of the paper maybe an even stronger magnet)
  • Various construction paper: 1 sheet 11 x 20 cm (grey), 1 sheet 9 cm x 21 cm (pink), 2 sheets 3 x 5 cm (pink)
  • A motif for decoration (laminated, if possible): 8 cm long, width depending on the motif
  • Glue stick


1. Fold the large piece of pink paper as shown below.
2. Glue the magnet to the back of the motif and cover it by glueing a small piece of pink paper over it.
3. Glue the motif to the unfolded end of the pink paper, leaving the motif to stick out slightly. This way, more of the grey card is covered, and there will be more space to write your message.
4. Glue the metal tape onto the second small piece of pink paper and to the back of the grey paper. Align the metal tape to fit the magnet on the back of the motif.
5. Glue the folded part of the pink paper onto the grey paper (see photo below).
Opened card (still without attached metal tape)
Opened card (still without attached metal tape)
Finished greeting card with magnetic closure
Finished greeting card with magnetic closure
With a little practice, the card can be finished in 20 minutes and is very inexpensive to make. There are no limits to your imagination, you can modify, decorate or change the format of the card any way you like.
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