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Hanging up pan lids

Fastening pan lids to the inside of kitchen cabinet
Author: Cristina Massari, Repubblica di San Marino, Italy
Online since: 26/03/2012, Number of visits: 257889
Pan lids are always in the way. I wanted to find a storage solution that is visually appealing and space-saving. Then I thought of self-adhesive magnets:
I attached stripes of adhesive tape every 4 cm horizontally and vertically to the inside of my kitchen cabinet door. Then I glued a S-10-01-STIC in each space between the stripes. All in all, I used 174 magnets. I left a hole in the middle.
Thereafter, I removed the adhesive tape stripes again. Below you can see the nice pattern of magnets that remained.
Now I can save space by hanging up my pan lids on the inside of the cabinet door. Not only is this a simple solution, it is also a real eye-catcher.
To avoid disappointments, check beforehand if your lids are magnetic. Glass lids and heavy cast iron lids still have to be stored in the cabinet somewhere.