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Hanging up tools

This sturdy hanging construction was created by a "magnetophile" cabinet maker
Author: Bettina Schläpfer, Hinwil, Switzerland
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Table of Contents

Tool wall with magnets

I had the opportunity to arrange my work bench in the new carpenter's workshop. Of course, this includes a tool wall.
I knew that I wasn't going to use common tool holders. First of all, I am a magnetophile and second of all, I am not a fan of common tool holders in which the tools get stuck and are hard to get out of. Therefore, I decided on the strong disc magnets from supermagnete.pt.
I randomly ordered some stronger and less strong magnets and started drilling. Initially, I wanted the magnets to be invisible and attached to the backside, but the bevelled-edge chisels and screwdrivers wouldn't stick. Only the ploughs would work that way. The other tools I hung up with disc magnets glued into drill holes in the front.
Magnets used for bevelled-edge chisels, screwdrivers and pliers: Discs 10 x 5 mm and Discs 12 x 6 mm
You need a good adhesive so the magnets won't come off, for example the UHU MAX REPAIR.
But I didn't magnetise everything: I hung up hammers and angle brackets on nails. That works well. A magnetic hammer wouldn't be all that practical. But I do like that the screw drivers are magnetic :-)
I love this solution. Removing tools from the board is convenient and putting them back is just as easy. I like them more every day!

Additions and other possibilities

Tools on a steel shelf

Addition by Mr. Hoppe from Germany: I found a great way to hang up individual tools: I glued small block magnets Q-10-05-03-N to a metal shelf in the basement. They hold combination pliers with about 200 g weight without problems.

Tools on the ceiling

Addition by Mr. Prowaznik from Germany: Since I didn't have any room left on my workshop wall, I hung up a hacksaw on the ceiling. I just had to screw two pot magnets CSN-13 to the ceiling, which now hold the saw without problems.

Screw drivers on lighting

Due to lack of space, I simply attached my screwdrivers to the bottom side of a fluorescent tube.
I glued a double-sided adhesive tape on the lamp, pressed disc magnets S-05-02-N52N on it, and the tips of the screwdrivers adhere to them perfectly.
You can also attach your tool to these screw-on magnetic bars:
These and other helpful magnetic products can be found in the shop category "Workshop accessories".