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Magnetic finger ring

A convertible and discreet ring
Author: Norbert Horváth, Zalaegerszeg, Hungary
Online since: 10/08/2011, Number of visits: 345655
I work at a small goldsmith studio and I have recently discovered your products. They are very inspiring and I'd like to show you what innovative jewellery I developed with them.
This ring is made of 92,5% pure silver and the following of your products:
First, I created a setting for the S-10-02-N disc magnet and attached the ring to it. Then, I carefully polished the ring to make it shiny.
Thereafter, I used UHU MAX REPAIR to glue the disc magnet into the setting.
As a protection against possible nickel allergies that might develop after extended direct contact with the magnet (see safety tip), I covered the magnet with another layer of silver.
After the glue dried, I placed the two kinds of magnetic spheres on top of the ring.
The arrangement of the spheres changes constantly, which makes the ring very dynamic and playful (see pictures below).

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