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Magnetic hook in the camper

Brilliantly versatile
Author: Jochen Pippir, Neu-Ulm
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Mini camper with magnetic extra

We bought a Dacia Dokker this year and turned it into a mini camper. Since we have less space in it than in a more conventional camper, we need to use it even more efficiently. Plus, we want to use the Dacia on a daily basis, so we didn't permanently build in the furniture. Hence, it was important to us that we are able to easily remove the whole van equipment.
supermagnete.pt sent us magnets that we successfully tested during our trips. We tested flexible mounting options without having to drill in the camper. Below we show some examples of how you can use magnetic hooks in your camper.

Hanging up the toiletry bag

As you can see in the picture, we placed a strong BD-FTN-32 on the rear door that now holds our toiletry bag, which keeps everything handy what we need for our personal hygiene.
Magnetic hooks can also be used on the outside of the camper. Besides towels, you can also hang up an awning or light chains, for instance.

Protect the car finish from scratches

It is important to protect the car paint when a strong magnet has direct contact with it because it may leave scratches when you remove it. This is why rubber-coated magnets are ideal, because you don't have to worry about scratches. In the picture, you can see the hook magnet FTNT-40-B being used in combination with a rubber cap PAR-41 from supermagnete.pt. If you don't have something like this at hand, you can use a microfiber cloth as a protective underlay.
Magnetic hook turns into towel holder
Magnetic hook turns into towel holder

Double hook magnets for more flexibility

These double hook magnets work great as towel holders in campers. The magnetic hooks quickly make room for hand towels without having to drill holes into your beloved bus or furniture. Especially in small spaces like this, it is convenient for things like towels to have their place. It keeps the space tidy and you'll always have towels handy. It's also convenient that the towels can dry on the hooks.
At night, we lock the doors of our mini camper. If you have to get out, it is important to have the keys ready. You don't want to have to hunt down your keys when you are still half asleep. Our solution was this double hook that we placed next to the sliding door. Besides the keys, we also put the headlamp there.
You can find more info about our DIY micro camper at https://www.spike05.de/micro-camper/ (website in German only).

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