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Magnetic tape as bag closure

Closing purse with sewed-on magnetic tape
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From beach poncho to beach bag

My daughter has had a beach poncho, a bath towel with a hood, for years. Although she is way past the age of using it that way, she is still attached to the cute dogs on it. So, I just cut up the poncho and sewed it into a beach bag.

Magnetic tape closure

To close up the bag I was looking for a simple and quick solution, and I decided on the coloured magnetic tape 20 mm. Its holding strength is not great, but for a child's beach bag it's sufficient.

Fitting and usage

To optimise the holding strength of the magnetic tape, I attached one of the two stripes with the magnetic bottom side facing up. It was great that I could sew on the magnetic tape with my sewing machine. Also, I'll be able to wash the beach bag at 60°C, despite the magnetic tape on it. Now, my daughter has a hip beach bag and she can bring her beloved dogs on vacation.
Note from the supermagnete team: Since June 2016 we also carry sew-in neodymium magnets in our assortment. They are machine washable as well and significantly stronger than this magnetic tape.