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Make your own photo rope

Individual photo ropes that appeal to all ages
Author: Marnie Rogers, Firenze, Italy
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Photo rope with home-made magnets

My last year's Christmas craft project was to make a photo rope, from which to hang photos, notes, cards etc. for each member of my family. For that purpose, I was looking for different small objects that would match the personality or taste of the recipient, and that I could use to transform them into decorative magnets with your super magnets.
Materials needed
  • Metal wire * (e.g. accelerator cable from moped)
  • Small, personal objects, such as shells, animals, stones, etc.
  • Neodymium disc magnets **
  • Adhesive UHU MAX REPAIR
  • Decorative weights
* Tip for the purchase of metal wire: Bring a small magnet to the home improvement store and test the wire for its magnetic power!
** Depending on the size of the objects, use disc magnets in different sizes and heights. Special recommendation: Discs 10x3 mm.

The making of photo ropes

  1. Cut wire to the desired length
  2. Create a loop on one end of the wire so that the wire can be hung from the wall or ceiling.
  3. On the other end, attach a decorative weight so the wire it will hang straight.
  4. Glue the magnets on the back of of the small objects and let them dry.
It was a lot of fun to create these gifts and they were also very well received!
Note from the supermagnete team: If you don't want to make your own ropes, you can purchase photo ropes from our shop and use the magnets that come with them for decoration. Even more convenient: Select a ready-to-go photo rope with fun deco magnets.

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