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Modular ceiling

This ceiling can be adjusted in height
Author: db60 Team, Reichenbach, Germany
Online since: 12/11/2013, Number of visits: 325607

Material-based design

In most cases, the architect decides on a material based on a certain concept or building. In practice: Which material can I use to build the structure or which material supports the concept? In this project it was the other way round. An existing material (ThermHex honeycomb cores) was selected. Considering the typical material features, a concept idea should be formulated.

Idea for modular ceiling

Through various trials with the material we developed a suspended, modular ceiling that takes advantage of the good acoustic features of the material and should improve the overall acoustic of the room.

Ceiling structure

The ceiling is made up of equilateral triangles, which are connected to each other with flexible screw joints. These modules can be adjusted in height via ropes to accommodate various acoustic needs.

Magnet use

During the prototype development process we replaced the flexible connecting screw joints between the acoustic boards with visually unobtrusive neodymium magnets. The new joint is made of small plastic tubes that are connected with rubber bands. At the ends of the rubber bands sits a disc magnet 4 x 3 mm with a counterpart on the acoustic board.


The modules are controlled through a software and especially fabricated synchronous motors and can thereby be adjusted in height to accommodate a particular room situation (depicted: BDA exhibition room in Berlin).

Our blog

On our blog you can find more details about the project.

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