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Mounting a thermometer

Mounting without screws - ideal for tenants
Author: S.S., Montbeliard, France
Online since: 10/02/2010, Number of visits: 127579
The other day I bought a digital thermometer to help me figure out and regulate room temperatures. Unfortunately, it is meant to be mounted on a wall with a screw. Since I am a tenant I don't want to drill too many holes.
When I opened the battery compartment I noticed that it is rather large, which lead me to the idea of using a magnet. I glued a disc magnet S-15-03-N with a strong adhesive into the lid of the battery compartment.
The thermometer is now attached to the door of the iron fuse box. I can easily remove the thermometer and attach it to another metal surface, such as the fridge door in the kitchen or the magnetic wall in the foyer. There is a magnetic surface in almost every room, which helps me regulate the temperature in each room.
I find this solution extremely practical for a tenant and can highly recommend this screw-less mounting option!

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