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Nail collector

Collecting scattered nails easily and quickly
Author: Wouter, Groningen, Netherlands
Online since: 09/05/2011, Number of visits: 248489
A box of nails fell on the floor. Now what? The easiest way is to pick them up with a magnet. But then you can hardly get the nails off the magnet. Of course, there are special devices that can solve this problem - there is one mentioned on your website (see magnetic collector). But most people don't feel like buying such a device when they dropped a box of nails...
There is a much simpler low-cost method.
You just need a stable plastic bag and one or several strong magnets (I used 10 S-12-06-N).
  1. Put the magnet in the bag.
  2. Collect the nails in the bag.
  3. Turn the bag inside out, so the magnet is on the outside.
  4. Remove the magnet from the bag and put it aside.
  5. Put the nails back in the box.