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Organised bathroom cabinet

More space and better overview in no time
Author: Rolf Gugolz, Malters, Switzerland
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It can be quite challenging to get the bathroom cabinet organised - and keep it that way. It doesn't take long for things to get mixed up and they become hard to find. And then when you need cream or band-aids in a hurry, you struggle to find them.
Our practical magnets can help you get a better overview in no time. We show you different options of how to organise your bathroom cabinet.

Magnets underneath the shelf

For this life hack, you only need self-adhesive magnetic discs, such as S-15-01-STIC, and binder clips 19 mm or binder clips 13 mm. Attach the magnetic discs to the underside of the shelf in the desired spots, and press on firmly.
Please note: The surface to which the magnetic discs are glued should be dust-free, clean, and dry. Clean the surface with a suitable cleaner before attaching the magnets and wait until it is dry again. Attach the magnets and let the adhesive dry overnight (the recommended 72 hours would be even better). Thereafter, the magnets are ready to be used and you can start organising your bathroom cabinet. Simply attach the binder clips to the tubes and then the clips to the disc magnets.
The same principle can be used in pantries and kitchen shelves as described in the application Creating storage space in the pantry.
Another creative mounting solution can be achieved with self-adhesive stainless steel discs or self-adhesive metal discs in grey or white (linked below) and cube magnets, such as W-05-N. The stainless steel discs function as the magnetic base on the bottom of the shelf. After the drying period, you can attach the cube magnets. Then, you can hang up nail clippers, tweezers, and even smaller pocket knives.

Magnets on the inside of the mirror cabinet

Addition from customer A.L. from Bern (CH):
We all know the problem with the mirror cabinet in the bathroom: You stow away all sorts of things there until you can't find anything anymore.
My practical solution: Tweezer, scissors, hairpins, etc. are attached to the metal interior or the inside of the door with magnets. This way, everything is easy to spot and grab.
The hairpins, for instance, adhere well to a Q-20-20-03-N block magnet.
Scissors, tweezer, and metal comb adhere well on the inside door with disc magnets 10x10 mm. This helps you create additional storage space in the bathroom cabinet and leave more room for other things on the shelves.