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Pin collector

There is an end to the cumbersome picking up of pins!
Author: R.E., Laupen (ZH), Switzerland
Online since: 07/08/2008, Number of visits: 440821
My wife works at a tailor shop, and every day pins fall to the floor. Collecting these is time-consuming and requires a lot of patience. Wouldn't that be a case for supermagnete? A handful of junk, an hour of handicraft - the "pin collector" takes care of it effortlessly and elegantly ever since.
That's what I needed for it:
I cut a board out of the wood and mounted two "runners" on both sides as well as a hinge bracket for the handle.
Then I screwed the aluminum box between the two runners onto the bottom of the board .
The heights of the runners and the aluminum box are aligned in a way that when you put it down, there is about a gap of 1 centimeter between the box cover and the floor.
On the inside of the box, five block magnets Q-20-20-03-N were glued to the bottom with UHU MAX REPAIR. They will be the collectors of the needles. I raised the bottom with plywood scraps just enough to have the mounted magnets barely touch the inside of the cover, in order to draw in the needles well.
The cover of the box, that is closer to the floor when in use, does not hold any magnets. So, when you open the cover, the collected needles will be out of reach for the magnets and will be released without touching them.
A washer and a cube magnet W-05-G are used for the box closure.
Instead of an aluminum box, you could also use a plywood box, a plastic can or something similar.
On the runners, the collector glides over carpet, linoleum, parquet, ...
and collects the pins in no time.
After the work is done, you open the aluminum cover and the pins fall off, as if by magic, and can be put away.
Note from the supermagnete team: If you don't want to build it yourself, you can purchase low-priced metal collectors directly in our webshop.

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