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Secret drawer

How a resourceful tinkerer protects his valuables
Author: Juan Carlos Ortega Sánchez, Morelia Mich, Mexico
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A totally normal cabinet - you would think
A totally normal cabinet - you would think
In Mexico people are a little wary of strangers in their house (housekeepers, workers, babysitters, etc.). That's why they have to think of new ways to hide their jewellery and cash safely.
I utilized the space in the cabinet between the lowest shelf and the floor and fitted in a new drawer of the same wood.
It looks just like a normal drawer, except there is a sunk-in screw instead of a handle. From the front it looks like it's part of the cabinet.
Magic? No, supermagnete!
Magic? No, supermagnete!
With the aid of a Q-15-15-08-N block magnet on a metal piece I can still open the drawer.
In my house, pilferers don't stand a chance!
Note: The whole thing becomes even niftier when you sink another magnet into the inside of your drawer. The effort is a little higher, but then the drawer is practically invisible!