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Special bookend

A bookend that seems to grow through the books
Author: Willy JAKOB, Morges, Switzerland
Online since: 22/12/2011, Number of visits: 319707
For these unusual bookends, I utilised the power of magnets. There is one countersunk pot magnet in each branch that adheres through the book cover to a hidden metal bookend on the inside. Using this method, other branches or items can be repurposed as DIY bookends too.
In my application I screwed a countersunk pot magnet CSN-25 into a branch.
It looks like the branch is growing through the books, made possible by a stable iron bookend on the inside of the last book.
Note from the supermagnete team:
In this application, the countersunk pot magnet does not have direct contact with the counterpart (=bookend), which reduces its indicated adhesive force of 17 kg considerably. For details read our FAQ about pot magnets.

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