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Temporary cabinet knob

Child-proof magnetic cabinet knob
Author: Andrea Bernardi, Italy
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Tempting cabinet knobs

When my son started crawling around, he immediately developed an interest for our cabinet knobs. He began to open drawers and cabinet doors, which of course was potentially dangerous, because they harboured fragile and hazardous things.


I had the idea of fastening the knobs on the inside, so you could only see the screws on the outside. The curiosity of my son diminished with the lack of a visual.

The magnetic replacement knob

In order to have access to the cabinet myself, I built a kind of master key: I used a standard knob and glued disc magnets S-10-05-N on the ends.

Opening the cabinets

I only needed to snap the knob onto the screws and I could open the cabinets like before.