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Tool holder for a French cleat wall

Thanks to magnets tools stay put
Author: Cristiano Mazzarini, crimakesthings.com, Italy
Online since: 28/04/2021, Number of visits: 53157
I added a magnetic tool holder to the French cleat tool wall in my workshop and use it to store my hex keys. In my opinion, this is an efficient and space-saving storage solution.
I made the practical tool holder out of fir. After cutting the wood to the desired size, I embedded the S-05-03-N magnets in the wood and secured them with glue. Each hex key is held by 3 magnets.
Next, I used wood glue and a thin wooden board to cover the magnets. I sanded this board down as much as possible so that the distance between the magnets and the hex keys wouldn’t be too big. Because: The greater the distance, the lower the force of the magnets. Since the top wooden layer was very thin because of the sanding, I decided to paint it. Now the magnetic tool holder for my French cleat wall looks quite nice. By the way, you can find additional projects on my website https://crimakesthings.com/.
My advice: Since the magnetic force decreases significantly with increasing distance to the tool, I would choose much stronger magnets next time.

Note from the supermagnete team:
Choosing the right magnets for such a project can seem quite difficult. In our FAQ section, we have gathered information you may find useful for this type of project: „Which magnets are suitable for knife racks?“. Because regardless of whether a tool or knife is to be stored with the help of magnets - the distance between the magnet and the tool/knife is absolutely crucial. A fact that is clearly illustrated on the linked FAQ page.