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Upside down train

In the "crazy house" even the train rides upside down
Author: DAS VERRÜCKTE HAUS, Egestorf, Germany
Online since: 10/08/2016, Number of visits: 232154

The crazy houses

We are the inventors and builders of the CRAZY HOUSES. A real house in which all furniture and accessories are upside down! How crazy!

Attraction: Upside down train

In order to add a new attraction for our visitors, I had the idea of letting a model railway ride upside down on the ceiling. For that purpose I purchased strong cube magnets at supermagnete.pt.
After a few setbacks, train crashes and subsequent modifications I reached my goal.

The principle

A track prepared with 12 mm cube magnets on the upper side of the structure pulls the train around in a circle.
The model railway is kept on the track with cube magnets that are attached to the bottom side of the train.
Caution:There is a protection of utility patents on this application!