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Wall décor with vinyl records

Creating wall decorations with vinyl records and magnets
Author: Bamon, France
Online since: 19/02/2024, Number of visits: 12474
The idea for a wall décor with vinyl records came from my passion for music and the desire to be surrounded by my favourite albums and artists. My previous vinyl records wall installation had the records framed in picture frames, which proved to be cumbersome. I find my new version of wall art with vinyl records not only more aesthetically pleasing but also less complicated (fewer holes to drill into the wall, affordable implementation).

Required materials

To create a beautiful wall décor with vinyl records, you will need:

Instructions for wall decorations with vinyl records

As a first step, punch holes into the felt pads and place them on the pot magnet. The thickness of the felt pads should roughly match the thickness of the pot magnet socket. I recommend stacking several pads to achieve the right thickness (in my case, 3 pads were sufficient). If the felt pads are too thick, they will be difficult to punch (it’s easier with good-quality punch pliers).
Lastly, thread the screw through the hole in the vinyl record and into the screw socket. This connects the record with the magnet and allows you to reposition it as needed.

Important things to keep in mind for DIY projects with vinyl records

When working with vinyl records, you must take the characteristics of the required materials into account to ensure everything is compatible with the Ø 7 mm hole in the records. The adhesive force of the magnet is more than sufficient given the weight of a vinyl record.

I advise against using a rimmed metal plate as a base, as this would make it more difficult to remove the record. In such a case, you would have to pull hard on the record, which increases the risk of damage. When choosing the screw for fastening the countersunk metal disc, pay attention to the height of the screw head so that it doesn’t protrude past the surface of the disc!

Installation of the vinyl record wall art

For wall mounting, you only have to attach the 18 mm diameter metal discs with countersunk hole to the wall. Please keep the wall material in mind and use a suitable screw and wall plug. The felt pads create a gap between the records and the wall, which prevents any scratches and gives a nice floating effect.

The finished vinyl record wall décor

And that’s how easy it is to upcycle vinyl records. The result is not only beautiful but also allows you to change the records to your heart’s content.

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