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Wine cooler with magnetic lid

It doesn't just look cool, it really is!
Author: Roman Winter, Kirchdorf, Austria, [email protected]
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Classy wine cooler

A practical gift box for a good wine with double value: The bottom part works great as a wine cooler. The isolating property of the wood keeps your wine at temperature for a long time. The microclimate that develops around the bottle guarantees an ideal drinking temperature - cold or room temperature!
Domestic, classy and rare wood make this wine cooler an eye-catcher on every table, which enhances the wine presentation also visually. Precious and high-priced wine is thereby offered in style and to impress the guest.
Size: For bottles up to 33 cm high (tall white wines) and max. 8 cm diameter. Lid height: 11,5 cm, height wine cooler base: 22 cm. Outside measurements: 10 x 10 cm.
Special feature: 8 strong disc magnets type S-05-05-N keep the lid tight.
Material: Various exotic woods, oak, nut, pear, plum, etc.
Surface smoothed and oiled with natural oil.