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Wooden panel as dining table

This application safes space - not just for campers
Author: R.K., Austria
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We own a camper and although we don't want to bring a camping table with us, we still would like to eat outdoors. My space-saving solution works well for two people.
I used a metal hinge to screw a laminated wooden panel to the backside of the kitchen cabinet. Then I screwed three CSN-25 pot magnets (four might have been even better) close together to the bottom side of the panel.
I can hook up an iron table leg to these magnets, fold down then panel and use it as a dining table (see photo below). Thanks to the table leg, the panel can take quite some weight.
Breakfast at sunrise - here we come.
You can easily remove the table leg when you are done and store it in the vehicle.
I embedded a CSN-ES-16 pot magnet in the top side of the panel and used a metal disc 23 mm as counterpart on the kitchen cabinet, so the panel is secured when folded up (see photo above).
Note from the supermagnete team: Since a pot magnet is embedded in the table top, you need to keep electronic devices away to avoid damages. Please review of safety tip.