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Camping Box Premium

43-piece magnet box, set with 12 rubberised magnet systems with screw socket and interchangeable accessories, outdoor accessories and 6 Tütenhüter

Item number BD-CMP-02
Unit of Sale 1 set
1 set 190,95 EUR/set
incl. VAT plus shipping

190,95 EUR

incl. VAT plus shipping

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When camping, magnets allow you to hang various objects in a way that is quick and versatile. With our 43-piece Camping Box Premium for magnets, you will be well equipped for your next camping trip.

The lid and two sides of the plastic magnet box are lined with ferromagnetic whiteboard sheet to which the 12 white rubberised screw-socket magnet systems of different strengths adhere. Depending on the application, screw an included threaded eyelet bolt, eyebolt, screw hook or the plastic handle into the socket. Practical, because the required attachment can be changed quickly. The magnet systems can be used on a camper or motorhome, for example, to

  • hang clotheslines.
  • attach shade sails.
  • mount solar panels.
  • attach strings of lights or other light sources.
  • hang bath towels to dry.
  • hang wash bags to save space and keep them within reach.
The included plastic handle can be screwed into the strongest magnet in the Camping Box Premium and thus creates a lever action. This will allow you to easily detach the magnet from ferromagnetic surfaces despite its enormous strength.

With the Camping Box Premium, you will also get three magnetic hooks and two magnetic bases so you can hang towels or dish towels in your camping kitchen. And the included Tütenhüter set will keep your snacks fresh.

This article is a product bundle. It is a combination of several items that come individually packaged. However, the small bags can be reused as well. For example, utilise them to store small items such as screws or rubber bands while you are on the road.

Please note

Only attach magnets with a one-sided magnetic field, such as pot magnets or magnet systems, to the whiteboard sheet. Conventional magnets with a magnetic field on both sides attract each other, which could damage the box, the magnet or – even worse – injure your fingers.

Please note that improper or rough handling of the magnets can damage delicate surfaces such as car paint. Pulling the magnets across the surface can lead to scratches, especially if the vehicle is dirty. Therefore, make sure that your camper or van is as clean as possible and that you do not unnecessarily drag the magnet systems across the painted surface.

Never leave any of the magnets from the Camping Box Premium on the vehicle while it is in motion. Remove all magnets from the car or camper van before you drive off.

Technical data

Article ID BD-CMP-02
EAN 7640172693599
Material NdFeB
Length 30 cm
Width 20 cm
Height 13,5 cm
Weight 2,2 kg/set

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