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Can I use magnets on my car?

In principle, we advise against using magnets on cars. Below we have listed a few possible applications, including our recommendations.
Table of Contents

Attaching license plates with magnets

We strongly advise against attaching vehicle license plates to a car using magnets. Such mounting methods are simply too dangerous. The forces involved, such as wind or uneven road surfaces for example, cannot be fully estimated. It can be life-threatening not only for you, but also for other road users or pedestrians, should the magnets and the license plate come off while driving.

Outfitting a car with magnetic band and magnetic foil lettering

Our products are explicitly not suitable for advertising on vehicles. That requires a special inspection or permit.
There are various forces at work while driving on the road, all of which are difficult to estimate:
  • Load change during acceleration or breaking
  • Head wind
  • Collisions
  • Road unevenness (also railroad tracks, curbs, etc.)
The sign could come off the vehicle while driving and lead to serious accidents or, in the worst case, endanger not only your life but that of other road users or pedestrians as well.

Attaching magnets inside a car

These days, modern vehicles are generously outfitted with plastic so magnets will simply not stick. However, suitable ferromagnetic surfaces can often be found in box-type and older camping vans. Hook magnets have proven ideal for use in cars and campers, e.g. for hanging jackets, rags, washbags and many other things. This is especially practical in a camper because storage space is limited.

Please note: Magnets can leave scratches in the paint or other delicate surfaces. Rubber caps and rubber discs offer perfect protection. For safety reasons, we recommend to only attach items with hook magnets in or on a stationary vehicle. The magnets should be removed and safely stored before you start driving.

Other popular uses of magnets in cars and camper vans::

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