Self-adhesive magnetic sheet

A4 format, to cut & glue, grey-black
promptly deliverable


Bestseller: Around 125 000 sheets sold!
This A4 self-adhesive magnetic sheet can be cut to the desired size and glued to the backside of objects to make them magnetic. A magnetic sheet consists of strontium ferrite and flexible plastic. The visible, magnetic side is dark grey to black. Self-adhesive magnetic sheet lends itself to
  • making your own magnetic photos for the fridge, magnetic board, magnetic paint, etc.
  • magnetically hanging up larger objects that require an increased adhesive force.

The self-adhesive magnetic sheet needs to be applied to and pressed on a suitable surface and allowed to rest. Otherwise, air pockets may appear and the sheet could come off. Please read our FAQ about self-adhesive products.
Read about more features and tips

Technical data

Article ID MS-A4-STIC
EAN 7640155430722
Colour Black
Size approx. A4 (297 x 210 mm)
Thickness 1 mm
Magnetisation Anisotropic
Strength 80 g/cm²
Shelf life adhesive 6 months (approx.)
Weight 230 g

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Additional features and tips

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The flux detector beautifully visualises the lamellar magnetisation. North and south poles alternate closely spaced. That leads to a higher adhesive force at direct contact with ferromagnetic surfaces.
The sheet is anisotropically magnetised, which gives it a higher adhesive force then many other standard magnetic sheets. Compare the adhesive force indications before you make your decision.
The video shows how to attach a timer to the refrigerator door with a self-adhesive magnetic sheet.
The same on a photo stream. The peel-off foil is coated, so use a waterproof pen for outlining.
You can easily cut the sheet to the desired size with regular scissors or a utility knife.
Glue the cut-out sheet on the timer, press against it - done.
Now you can attach the timer to any metal surface - and quickly remove it again.

The anisotropic magnetisation increases the sheet's adhesive force: It is so strong that you don't have to hold the timer when setting it.
The self-adhesive magnetic sheet can also be used for hanging up ferromagnetic objects, like this metal sign. Just attach a large enough piece of the sheet on the desired surface...
... and the sign stays on. The surface should not be too porous in order for the sheet to stick well.
Magnets should not be placed on self-adhesive magnetic sheets, because they would demagnetise the sheets. Suitable surfaces for magnets are our magnetic boards, for example.