Boston Xtra Mini round

set of 10 office magnets neodymium
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Finally: A small, unobtrusive plastic magnet, which - despite its small size - is stronger than many large magnets. The Boston Xtra Mini can hold 12 A4 sheets of paper or one thick piece of cardboard. It is especially suitable for use in the office, at school or at home, because it reliably attaches to magnetic boards, magnetic glass boards, whiteboards and even to magnetic paint.

The secret of its power is a strong disc magnet pressed into a plastic cap. The magnet is recessed by 0,1 mm and therefore does not touch the surface it is being attached to. This eliminates the possibilities of surface scratches or damages to the magnetic coating. Thanks to the ergonomically shaped cap made of non-fading plastic, the Boston Xtra Mini is also easy to remove - despite its enormous adhesive force.
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Technical data

Article ID BX-RD20
Strength approx. 1,5 kg (approx. 14,7 N)
Sticks to whiteboard 12 A4 sheets
Cap Plastic
Magnet Neodymium, N42
Diameter 20 mm
Height 8,6 mm
Weight 49 g/set

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Additional features and tips

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The Boston Xtra Mini is the little brother of Boston Xtra.

Both are equally strong because they both use the same disc magnet 10 x 5 mm.

The large Boston Xtra is easier to grasp, but the mini version uses less space and is cheaper.

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Show me what you've got!

To the left a standard ferrite magnet:

Diameter: 40 mm

Weight: 23 g

Adhesive force: 0,4 bis 0,5 kg

The the right the Boston Xtra Mini with super magnet:

Diameter: 20 mm

Weight: 4,3 g

Adhesive force: 1,5 bis 2,0 kg

Winner on all fronts: The Boston Xtra Mini!

The Boston Xtra Mini is not only much stronger and prettier than standard whiteboard magnets, it also lasts much longer because it is made of high-quality, light-resistant and durable ABS plastic.
The Boston Xtra Mini is so strong, you can even use it on magnetic paint.

Standard ferrite magnets are too weak for a wall with magnetic paint.
The plastic cap is manufactured in Austria exclusively for supermagnete.

The injection of the magnets is done in a sheltered workshop in Switzerland.

With a Boston Xtra Mini you receive a product that fulfils the highest quality demands.