Rubber caps Ø 21 mm

to protect surfaces
promptly deliverable


These rubber caps can be pulled over the bottom side of pot magnets to protect delicate surfaces, plus the friction increases the load capacity of the magnet in shear direction. The tensile strength, however, declines slightly.
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Technical data

Article ID PAR-21
EAN 7640155435529
Diameter D 21 mm
Height H 5 mm
Material strength t 0,5 mm
Max. working temperature 100°C
Weight 0,5 g
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Additional features and tips

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The disc magnet S-20-10-N (20x10 mm) can hold approximately 1,75 kg in shear direction, then the steel plate starts sliding down.

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With a fitting rubber cap of 21 mm diameter on the backside, the same magnet can hold over 5 kg sideways; then it starts to slide down. The rubber cap is practically invisible because it is black and very thin.