Thinking Putty: Fun & play with magnetic putty & Co.

We have almost 30 different types of original, inexpensive Thinking Putty (Silly Putty) in our online shop assortment. Our putties are a lot of fun for young and old. You will see - even adults will rediscover their passion for the long-forgotten toy.
All Thining Putties have the same basic features as regular putties - but they possess one special "superpower":

  • Magnetic putty loves magnets
  • "Pacific" sparkles ocean-blue
  • "Glow" shines in the dark
  • "Camo" changes its colour with warmth, while "Flip-Flop" gleams already in different colours
  • "Liquid Glass" is a fascinating transparent putty
  • "Glitter" and "Metallic" shine and sparkle like gems or liquid metal

The Thinking Putties in our assortment are non-toxic and BPA-free. Nevertheless, we do not recommend having babies or small children play with it until they are at least 4 years old.

Thinking Putty